Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Welker Conundrum

Wes Welker is living proof that small guys can actually find a niche in the national football league. Welker has not only found his own niche, he has excelled and at times even dominated in it. He had 22 more receptions and more yards after the catch (YAC) than any player in the NFL this season, and was in the top three in total yards and yards per game. The guy was on fire, that is, up until that untimely fourth quarter drop in the Superbowl. He went from hero to scapegoat so fast that even the master of underachieving himself, Chad Ochocinco, thought it was crazy. Now that Welker is headed towards free agency, I am left to wonder.. WHAT THE HELL ARE THE PATRIOTS DOING?!

You would think that a team that struggles to draft wide receivers would pony up and pay one of the best - one who excels in their complicated system. Welker has come through in the clutch on so many occasions in his time with the Patriots that it seems absolutely ridiculous to judge him on one drop. I was as astonished as anyone when the drop happened - angry, even. But when you look at his whole body of work, you realize how it would be downright dumb not to resign him.

With the franchise tag deadline under a week away, patriots nation should be holding their collective breath for something to break through on the Welker front. If a long term deal can't be hammered down before March 5th, slap the franchise tag on him. Brady only has a few more truly productive years left in him, so we might as well milk them for all they're worth.

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