Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maple Leafs Vs Panthers

Just when you thought the Leafs might actually make the playoffs this year, they throw this sack full of crap at you.  The Leafs are currently in what can only be described as totally unhinged free-fall from playoff contention. Tonight's game was over in the first five minutes, as the Leafs found themselves down 2-0 by that point.  All good Leafs fan know the teams mantra- we don't come back from two goal deficits but we sure as hell blow two goal leads.  The final score ended up an abysmal 5-2 mauling that ended up leaving the entire city shaking their heads in disbelief.

The fact that the General Manager, Brian Burke, did not make any moves at the trade deadline to shake up this listless lineup is unfathomable.  A losing culture has once again settled in over leafs land.  I fear that if the team doesn't pick it up soon - the playoff drought ticker will roll over to seven years.  If that does happen, only two things are for sure: 1.Coach Ron Wilson will be sentenced to be tarred and feathered, followed by a good old fashion tiger mauling, and 2. Everyone outside of Phil Kessel will be on the trading block.

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